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Project Description

Teardrop MINI is a compact and very nice trailer for a couple or single persons. Suitable also for a family of three members. This trailer has large sleeping compartment with queen size bed (1,4x2m), also there a few cabinets and shelves for storage and clothes. On the roof is installed ventilation system with an openable hatch, possible automatic ventilation by temperature and set speed of the fan. Sleeping room include lighting system and there are installed power sockets for laptop or mobile charging. The entertainment system is the option as a request.

The rear side of the trailer is for cooking. There is a large countertop with big storage for food and kitchen tools. As options, there can be a 3kg gas tank, fridge, and sink and other additional accessories by request.

Standard weight 520 kg
Maximum weight 750 kg
Maximum load 230 kg
Weight on the coupling 35 kg
Maximum weight on the coupling 75 kg
Overall length 4000 mm
Overall width 1940 mm
Overall height 1820 mm
Body height 1380 mm
Body width without mudguards 1490 mm
Living room height 1250 mm
Living room length 2000 mm
Matress 1400 x 2000 x 100/120 mm
Dimensions of ceiling window 400 x 400 mm
Dimensions of tyres 155/80 R13  / 175/70/R14


  • Doors on both sides with windows
  • Roof vent without fan
  • Eco interior lighting
  • 60Ah deep cycle battery
  • Matress (2 x 1,4 m)
  • Mini kitchen


  • Doors on both sides with windows
  • Roof vent with fan and thermostat
  • Standard interior lighting
  • 100Ah deep cycle battery
  • Inteligent battery charger and 300W pure sine inverter
  • Matress (2 x 1,4 m)
  • Max kitchen(more storage places)
  • 2-stoves gas cooker
  • 3kg gas tank

Extra options:

  • Torsion axle upgrade with brakes – 600 Eur
  • Roof awning 1.4m x2m / 2m x 2m / 2.5m x 2m – from 250 Eur
  • Roof rack for extra storage – 380 Eur
  • Bicycle rack for 2 bicycles, Thule – 150 Eur
  • Spare wheel carrier – 250 Eur
  • Electrical interior heating 230 V – 250 Eur
  • Diesel heater Webasto AirTop 2000ST – 1200 Eur
  • Aluminum rims – 100 Eur
  • Awning light – 50 Eur
  • Table with folding base on the outside wall
  • Exterior gas outlet – 100 Eur
  • Exterior shower outlet – 70 Eur
  • Entertainment system (radio 230 Eur, TV – 290 Eur)
  • Portable solar panel 100W – 560 Eur

All prices include 21% VAT.