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A teardrop trailer is a lightweight and practical caravan for your weekend or long-term travels.

Compact size and minimalist philosophy are main keywords that can describe teardrop trailer. Teardrop trailers caravans is a most popular mini trailer with retro style, huge storage for stuff, high efficiency of energy and very low fuel consumption.

Our trailers are fully custom made, handcrafted. Sleeping lounge and the kitchen area covered with natural Baltic birch plywood, no white plastic. Natural wood automatically imparts a cozy feel and luxury value.

Teardrop trailer models


Teardrop MINI is a compact and very nice trailer for a couple or single persons. Suitable also for a family of three members. MINI is lightweight and can easily be towed behind most cars. You just need to have only B driver license category.

MINI model campers start at 8000 €.
They are fully configurable with many options. MINI can be configured to suit your budget and needs.

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