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A teardrop trailer is a lightweight and practical mini caravan for your weekend or long-term and helps to improve your adventurous camping trip to any place, any time.

Compact size and minimalist philosophy are two main factors which describe a teardrop mini trailer. Teardrop trailers caravans is a most popular transport with retro and vintage design, fully covered storage places for stuff, lowest fuel consumption and smallest maintenance cost.

Our trailers are fully user-oriented, we manufacturing them as joyful and reliable camper by your camping style.
So when you are retired or looking for a fresh inspirational place, just pick up your trailer and go to the wild to recover your wellness and clear your mind.

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Teardrop MINI is one of the first our manufactured & tested campers. We developed a compact and very nice trailer for a couple or single persons. Also suitable for a family of three members by max comfort. MINI is lightweight and can be easily towed behind most of the cars, even Mini Cooper. You don’t need to worry about difficulties on the road, just need B driver licence and average 600kg camper will save your maintenance bills than a larger camper.

MINI model campers price range is between 8890-13920€ and can variate depends on options.

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