Camping with teardrop trailers has been around since the 1920s and saw some real popularity immediately following WWII when raw supplies were in abundance and soldiers returning home were looking for more convenient ways to take their families camping. However, over the years trailers got bigger and more luxurious and the teardrop fell out of favour. They still had their fans but more and more people moved to larger camping pop-up tent trailers and large caravans. In recent years, teardrops have been gaining popularity as more and more people rediscover these wonderful little trailers and the benefits of having one. There are several benefits to the teardrop style trailer that have people singing their praises. So, why a Teardrop over a pop-up tent trailer or a caravan?

  • Cost of operation. Teardrops are very light and easily towed behind a small car. This can be very economical and much cheaper to haul than a large caravan.
  • Camping locations. Trees can cause real havoc (and damage) to large caravans and so they are often stuck in flat, barren spots at campgrounds. Since teardrops are small, they can often take advantage of much more scenic sites.
  • Outdoor. Teardrops encourage you to be outdoors and enjoy nature where caravans encourage you to be indoors enjoying luxury.
  • Off-site storage. Teardrops fit inside a garage with ease. Caravans often require off-site storage that can get VERY expensive.
  • Cost. Teardrops are significantly cheaper to buy than big caravans.
  • Maintenance. The larger the rig, the more maintenance you will have and the more money you will spend on upkeep. Teardrops are so easy to manage and do not require much maintenance.
  • Resale value. Teardrops tend to hold their resale value very well when compared to pop-up tent trailers and caravans.
  • Ultra Towable. Teardrop trailers are the smallest type trailer in the world of recreation vehicles (RV). Most teardrops are around 1.5m to 2m in width and hardly ever more than 3.5m long creating a small footprint. You don’t need a heavy-duty car to tow an average teardrop trailer. Because the teardrop is has a very small footprint and not very heavy it can be hauled by almost any type of vehicle including subcompact cars and even motorcycles. You don’t need mirror extenders because the trailer’s width ( included fenders) is similar to an average car, so maneuvering is very easy and doesn’t need to remind yourself about bigger caravan than the car.  Chances are whatever is sitting in your garage likely has the power to haul a teardrop trailer.
  • Aesthetics and function. Teardrops are some of the most popular models to have a custom built and some of these custom-built rides are gorgeous. Wooden exteriors, retro paint designs and more make teardrop trailers some of the most appealing towables on the market. You also get function too. A well-built teardrop trailer will provide plenty of sleeping room for two and perhaps three people while also offering great attached kitchens. Some people have outfitted their teardrops with full electrical, AC, TVs, and more why others are quite rustic with simple sleeping areas and galleys.
  • Low fuel consumption. Aerodynamic shape and low weight of the teardrop trailer giving an opportunity to get minimal fuel consumption increment.  Basically is +20% of your car average fuel consumption.

Camping should be about getting closer to nature, not hauling your living room to a new location. The outdoors is easy to ‘tap into’ and to enjoy at very little or even no cost. Teardrop trailers provide the convenience of a caravan but bring us closer to nature like a tent. In fact, we have had all the necessary gear (tents, chairs, air mattress, cook stove, lanterns, and more) needed for camping for years, but we rarely camped because it was too much hassle to load/unload, set up and take down, clean out the car and the tent after each trip. It got tiring after a while. With our trailer, we can load up, hitch and go in a matter of minutes and be on the road to our favorite campsite. Once at the campground, setting up camp takes all of 10 minutes and we are enjoying nature.