Teardrop trailer DIY Kits

Make Your First Camper Without Carpenter Skills

We are fortunate to work with and for enthusiastic and thrill-seeking people. The desire to create more opportunities for unique and unforgettable adventures. That is why, in addition to offering you campers that maximize your freedom to experience the greater outdoors, we offer a different type of adventure: building your own perfect teardrop trailer. Do not wait – explore the range of options, select your ideal components, and build yourself a camper with which you’ll explore the greater outdoors!

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Camper Body framework

All body parts: walls, floor, ceiling studs, bendable sheets for cover inside and outside surfaces, galley door frame, side doors, interior and the kitchen cabinet face frames, major cabinet components, jointing adhesives, fasteners.

From 1590

Camper Chassis

Welded and galvanized frame from 40x60mm tubes.

Options: torsion axle – brakes/without brakes, steady jackets, wheels, mudguards, lamps.

From 2950

Camper Exterior

Options: Aluminum sheets cut by CNC, vinyl stickers, windows, roof vent, sealants, adhesives.

From 1250

Camper Electricity

Options: Battery, inverters, chargers, solar panels, 12V/220V outlets, fuse blocks, lights, full cable harness.

From 768

Camper Plumbing

Options: Sink, water tanks for fresh/grey water, faucet, water pumps, gas outlets, hoses, hardware.

From 380

Camper Custom Cabinets

Options: Custom design cabinet face frames and major cabinet components.

From 300

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