Project Description

I want to introduce our new Tinycamper prototype for offroad and expedition travel enthusiasts.

This prototype is in progress and moving forward.

Let me introduce what prototype expedition trailer will have as a standard model. Let’s go ;)

  • Less-Axle suspension system
    This axle provides a smooth, quiet, safe ride, and, yes, eliminate the need for an axle. So the clearance is huge.
  • Lightweight Body
    All body will be made from 30mm strong fiberglass insulation composite, there no wood materials. All body weight only 160kg!
  • Big Kitchen Area
    The kitchen will be with slide in/out feature and will have a large countertop area. Few drawers and cabinets will be there.
  • Sleep area for 4-5 members
    Big main bed: 1.8m x 2m
    Bunk bed: 0.6m x 1.8m
  • Storage
    One wide pantry box near the kitchen – 1.4m length and 0.4m wide, 180 liters for storage.
    Compartments size: 200 liters;
    Inside full height cupboard size: 300 liters
    Under parents mattress storage: 200 liters
    Under kids mattress storage: 300 liters.
    So, the total capacity for storage is:
    1200 L / 17 x M-size travel bags / 2 x Land Cruiser boot spaces
  • Solar Panel 100W with controller
  • Webasto diesel heater
    Fuel efficient heater – 80 hours non-stop heating with 10 liters of diesel.
  • Freshwater tank 70 liters
  • Fridge (12V, 220V, gas support)
    42 liters. Energy efficient cooler – 15 days of work with a 3kg gas tank.
  • Roof rack
  • Front storage for firewood
  • Total weight
    The weight of trailer without cargo will be around 550kg. So with 750kg limitation, you can grab 200kg cargo for camping, food.
  • Dimensions
    Body: W-1850mm; L-3100mm; H- 1600mm.
    Whole trailer: W-1900mm; L:4400mm; H-1900mm.
  • Exit/departure angle
    30°!! This is a very cool feature to have a maximum angle of a ramp onto which a trailer can climb from a horizontal plane without interference.
    What do you think about a lot of features what I will prepare for the Standard version, missing something?


  • 270° cover awning system
  • TV media
  • More solar panels
  • Line-X bedliner

Now, you probably think what the price will be. While the prototype is on development stage, early to say what price will be.

But if you’re interested and you planning to buy some offroad expedition trailer for your travels, let’s talk about it.

I’m planning to make a good deal for the FIRST TWO CUSTOMERS of my expedition trailer.
So don’t wait and grab a good chance to have a great trailer for good price. It’s a limited offer.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us, just fill the contact form on our website form.