Project Description

Tinycamper OFF-ROAD prototype is a one-of-a-kind expedition trailer, with which the greater outdoors will be yours to conquer. Whatever the destination and however long the journey, the OFF-ROAD will be a reliable, comfortable, safe, and powerful vehicle for your nature explorations.

Long-term expeditions require strong vehicles that are easy to handle, tow, and maintain. The OFF-ROAD is exactly that, as it boasts a 30mm strong fibreglass insulation composite, weighs only 550kg, has an incredible 30° exit angle, and uses the less-axle suspension system. Together, these qualities ensure high clearance, resilience, flexibility to guarantee smooth, quiet, and safe rides wherever you go. Virtually no obstacles can hinder OFF-ROAD – which means that with it, virtually nothing can hinder your expeditions to the greater outdoors.

But the OFF-ROAD is much more than a powerhouse on wheels. It is also a comfortable home, with a large slide-out kitchen area, sleeping room for 4-5 travellers, and a massive 1200 L storage space. Put simply, with OFF-ROAD, you can take everything you need and everyone you love on your expeditions.

Further information about the standard model: 


Main bed: 1.8m x 2m
Bunk bed: 0.6m x 1.8m


One wide pantry box near the kitchen – 1.4m x 0.4m, 180 L storage
Compartments: 200 L storage
Full-height cupboard: 300 L storage
Under-mattress storage (main): 200 L
Under-mattress storage (bunk): 300 L
TOTAL: 1200 L / 17 x M-size travel bags / 2 x Land Cruiser boot spaces


Solar Panel 100W with a controller
Webasto diesel heater -highly fuel-efficient: 80 hours non-stop heating with 10 litres of diesel
Freshwater tank (70 litres)
Fridge (12V, 220V, gas support)
42 litres. Energy efficient cooler – 15 days of work with a 3kg gas tank.
Roof rack
Front storage for firewood

Trailer specifications and dimensions

Less-Axle suspension system – This axle provides a smooth, quiet, safe ride, and, yes, eliminate the need for an axle. So the clearance is huge.
Lightweight Body – All body will be made from 30mm strong fibreglass insulation composite, there no wood materials. All body weight only 160kg!
Exit/departure angle – 30°!! This is a very cool feature to have a maximum angle of a ramp onto which a trailer can climb from a horizontal plane without interference.

Body: W-1850mm; L-3100mm; H- 1600mm.
Whole trailer: W-1900mm; L:4400mm; H-1900mm.

Extra options

270° cover awning system
TV media
More solar panels
Line-X bedliner

The OFF-ROAD early bird special

While the OFF-ROAD expedition trailer is still in development, we are happy to announce that the first two customers will receive a special discount on their purchase. If you seek the most powerful camper for your outdoor pursuits, this is the best opportunity!