Teardrop trailers first appeared among camping enthusiasts in the 1920s and became extremely popular following the Second World War, when soldiers returning home were eager to spend quality time with their families and began looking for more convenient ways to pursue the greater outdoors.

Later, as larger and more luxurious campers became fashionable, the teardrop trailers retreated in the public eye, even though they still maintained loyal support of many nature enthusiasts. However, the last decade or so has seen a popular revival of the teardrop trailer, as more and more people are rediscovering the many virtues of these comfortable, lightweight, and eco-conscious trailers.

Chief among them is the unparalleled ease of access to the greater outdoors. Easy to tow, small enough to fit most campsites, durable and reliable, the teardrop trailer unlocks the freedom to pursue authentic outdoor adventures so many of us crave. 

One hundred years after they first appeared, the future looks bright for these tiny trailers!


The TINYCAMPER story – our story – is perhaps similar to so many other stories of people falling in love with the outdoors, seeking more freedom to pursue it on their own terms, and finding the right way to do it.

For the longest time, I had the desire to travel differently than by plane – in a more authentic, intimate, and eco-conscious way. Inspired by the amazing DIY camping culture in the United States, I decided to build a camper of my own. 

Quite soon thereafter, I was on the road to Croatia in a teardrop trailer that was all my own. I never looked back – soon, I built a second trailer better-suited for family travels and took my child to nature explorations. Seeing how much joy this unique and cosy house on the wheels brought them, I was inspired to share this joy of adventure with others – and with you!

Tearcuby and our family