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There are a lot of adventurous peoples that like to feel the accomplishment of building a teardrop trailer of their own. We offer a build kit with a lot of packages: body framework, exterior, chassis, electricity, plumbing, cabinets and of course custom packages by request.

Here you can purchase a different stage of the build and we will set up all needed options to one package for DIY (do it yourself). In this way, you can save by building one versus buying a completed trailer. All the plywood components are cut with high precision on CNC machine, so they fit together perfectly. Putting together the kit is like putting together a big toy constructor.

From the first stage of our offering of DIY KITS, we will begin with MINI teardrop trailers in a kit base. Later we will offer more sizes and different variations.

One huge advantage of purchasing one of our kits is we give the basic instructions how to build from scratch. With our complete kit, you can build a professional trailer as you want!

Camper teardrop trailer

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Kit assembly & delivery time

Depending on selected packages,  CNC works and parts collecting time from 2-4 weeks plus shipping time (1-2 weeks).

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Camper inside interior

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You will get an options list file, where you could select the options for your mini caravan and we will calculate the total price of the whole KIT with shipping.