Make Your First Camper Without Carpenter Skills

FREE Lifetime Consultation for DIY Kit buyers

We are fortunate to work with and for enthusiastic and thrill-seeking people. The desire to create more opportunities for unique and unforgettable adventures. That is why, in addition to offering you campers that maximize your freedom to experience the greater outdoors, we offer a different type of adventure: building your own perfect teardrop trailer.

To help you craft your dream camper, we will be there all along the way – from comprehensive instructions on how to build from scratch to free lifetime consultations. To make the process as smooth, simple, and efficient as possible, we make sure all components fit together perfectly by cutting them with a high precision CNC machine. You will not need carpenter skills to construct your dream trailer. 

We trust that you know what’s best for your outdoor adventures. That is why you will have complete freedom to select components for your camper from a wide range of customizable packages for plumbing, electricity, chassis, exterior, and other parts. To simplify the process, we also offer several fully prepared packages. Whichever option you choose, knowing every nook and cranny of a camper you built with your own hands will be a unique experience and an authentic achievement.

Do not wait – explore the range of options, select your ideal components, and build yourself a camper with which you’ll explore the greater outdoors!

Camper teardrop trailer

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* PRO, Amateur and Compact KIT’s price is available only in the EU zone.

Our fans of MINI DIY kit doing their own campers

Kit assembly & delivery time

Depending on selected packages,  CNC works and parts collecting time from 6-8 weeks plus shipping time (1-2 weeks). The duration is influenced by the pandemic situation and the shortage of materials in the market.

The shipping to the USA is time required process. We collect a full 40′ container for the lowest price and deliver each KIT to doors.
One container can fit ~9 DIY kits, depends from kit options and size.

Camper inside interior

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You will get an options list file, where you could select the options for your mini caravan and we will calculate the total price of the whole KIT with shipping.