Expedition camper


Tinycamper OFF-ROAD prototype is a one-of-a-kind expedition small camper, with which the greater outdoors will be yours to conquer. Whatever the destination and however long the journey, the OFF-ROAD will be a reliable, comfortable, safe, and powerful vehicle for your nature explorations.

Overall length
4710 mm
Overall width
Overall height
1895 x 2000 x 100 mm
Dimensions of tyres
Standard weight, max weight
950kg / 1200kg
Maximum load
until 350 kg
Weight on the coupling max allowed
until 64 kg

Long-term expeditions require strong vehicles that are easy to handle, tow, and maintain. The OFF-ROAD is exactly that, as it boasts a 25mm strong fibreglass insulation composite, weighs only 800kg, has an incredible 30° exit angle, and uses the spring-coil suspension system. Together, these qualities ensure high clearance, resilience, flexibility to guarantee smooth, quiet, and safe rides wherever you go. Virtually no obstacles can hinder OFF-ROAD small camper – which means that with it, virtually nothing can hinder your expeditions to the greater outdoors.

But the OFF-ROAD is much more than a powerhouse on wheels. It is also a comfortable home, with a large slide-out kitchen area, sleeping room for 4-5 travellers, and a massive 1200 L storage space. Put simply, with OFF-ROAD, you can take everything you need and everyone you love on your expeditions.

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