How many people can fit inside the TINYCAMPER for sleep?
All our models can comfortably fit 3 people – 2 adults and 1 child (5-12 yrs).

How long is the manufacturing time?
We will complete your camper in about 2 months.

What kind of material do you use for the corpus?
We use 1mm aluminium sheets to cover the roof and 2mm aluminium composite panels to cover the side walls.

Is it possible to put a roof tent on the TINYCAMPER? How much weight does the roof hold?
The maximum load on the roof is 50kg.

Which colours can be chosen?
We can colour your camper in all colors from the RAL palette or decorate it with any high-resolution (minimum 10MP quality) picture of your choice.

What kind of insulation do you put into the walls of your campers?
The walls of our campers are insulated with 20mm polyurethane insulation with foil. The roof – with 30mm insulation.

Do you offer any heating options?
We offer diesel-powered Webasto airTop 2000 ST heater. This gives you great flexibility to refill it whenever you need, as you can do it in all petrol stations. Importantly, the Webasto model is extremely fuel-efficient they can provide 80 hours non-stop heating with only 10 litres of diesel. Further, we offer an electric heating mat (220V) to place under the mattress that you can power from the grid.

What payment terms can I get?
We accept two payment models for your choice:
1. 70% advance payment, 30% payment on delivery (before shipping)
2. 50% advance payment, 25% mid-term payment, 25% payment on delivery (before shipping)


What are the conditions for payment? Can we pay across several instalments?
We accept segmented payments: 70/30 or 50/50. The final payment should be done 10 days before shipping.

What guarantees do you offer?
We offer 2-years warranty for any leaks and a 1-year warranty for camper gear (stove, fridge, lamps, inverter, charger). We also guarantee lifetime consultations.


How do we register the camper in other EU countries?
We register our trailers with the Lithuanian vehicle registration authority (“Regitra”) and get the green pass. After purchase, you need to re-register as new owner in your country and appropriate license plates. As our campers have Lithuanian COC documents, all EU countries should accept these papers. 

Do you have any distributors abroad?
Not yet – at this time, we ship all vehicles from Lithuania.

Do you ship to the USA?
Yes, we are actively searching for partners to represent us in the US. We have a container, so for dealing a good price, we need to fill a full container, which means we have to deal with few customers who want to buy DIY KIT or assembled camper and ship all orders at once.

The average price for delivery we suggest to offer for ~800 USD to doors and extra taxes (import taxes, duties, insurance, eventual warehousing costs are not included) which will be clear after full address fill and delivery time.

Do you offer rental services in other countries?
Not yet.

What are the costs to transport the TINYCAMPER to my home country?
The exact delivery costs vary by country and city. As guidance, here are the general transportation costs for some European countries: 

    • Germany: 300-500 EUR (+VAT); 
    • Spain: 600-900 EUR (+VAT)
    • Luxembourg: 700 EUR (+VAT)
    • France: 500-800 EUR (+VAT)
    • Finland: 700 EUR (+VAT)
    • Sweden: 1000 EUR (+VAT)
    • UK: 800 EUR (+VAT)